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Health Concern | Keloid Scarring

"I have a keloid scar on my chest. I have suffered from severe itching and redness on the scar. I have had steroid injections in the scar but once the effect wears off the itching returns. Ragini prescribed some medicines for me and I no longer have an itching keloid scar. The scar itself has decreased slightly and there is no redness. My immune system was also very low due to various personal problems in my life. Ragini prescribed me some herbal powders which helped me to relax, as well as an herbal tonic to take on a daily basis to boost my immune system. By doing all of this I feel so much better now. I fall ill less frequently, rarely catch a cold and feel better overall."

Monisha Behal, London

Health Concern | Psoriasis

'I am fortunate to have had Ragini's guidance and support to manage my Psoriasis. Her expertise in Ayurveda and tailoring the approach to the individual is what sets her apart and I have seen great improvement in my condition having followed her advice. Ayurveda is powerful but can also be complex...I appreciate Ragini's ability to simplify and phase the approach so it is easier to understand and implement. Ragni has not just helped me to manage my Psoriasis but go on a journey to better understand my body and mind and this has helped me to improve my general health and well-being too' 

Jaymesh Patel, London

Health Concern | Perimenopause: Anxiety and Insomnia

I first contacted Ragini after the second lockdown when I was feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and unable to sleep. She was very patient and sensible in her advice, as she explained the Doshas and how they affect you. Her balance blend has helped me with multiple problems and her recommendations ran beyond Ayurvedic herbs to making dietary and lifestyle changes, all of which have contributed to a more peaceful existence. Ragini not only came highly recommended by Vaidyagrama Panchakarma Retreat in India but also by another practitioner and I would not hesitate to recommend her as someone who is an excellent practitioner of Ayurveda and is efficient and available with sound advice.

Mrs VK, London

Health Concern | Migraines and Weight Loss

I contacted Ragini in October 2020, as I had migraine for over 10 years and difficulty losing weight. Ragini was thorough with the consultation and the treatment plan she put me on. The plan tailored specifically to my health issues.

In a few months I was already seeing a change in my health which helped restore balance and the migraines were less frequent. In autumn 2021 she suggested a home cleanse treatment which I saw tremendous results with the migraines, diet, balance, and overall well-being. I continued the programme until the beginning of 2022 as I didn’t want to go back to my old ways.

Ragini is an experienced and authentic Ayurveda practitioner. She is kind and offers good advice and is a good listener. I highly recommend Ragini. Thank you Ragini for your time and patience.

QR, East Yorkshire.

Health Concern | Digestion, Migraines, Fatigue and Anxiety

"I consulted Ragini a year ago as I had struggled with digestive issues, migraines, fatigue, and anxiety for over 3 years, having been through numerous doctors who prescribed a lot of pills from sleeping tablets to anti-depressants. When I saw Ragini she immediately pointed out to the mild colitis that was reported but not flagged by the Doctors. 3 -4 months after consulting Ragini, my anxiety and migraines had entirely disappeared, my digestive issues eased.

Now 7 months in, I am feeling better than I have felt for over 3 years. As the worst of my health issues have eased, Ragini is now addressing my menstrual issues of painful periods and developing painful cysts around my cycle. Now 4 months on, they have not appeared since and my PMS symptoms have reduced drastically.

Ragini has been a Godsend to me, as I have been able to get my life back. Her treatment plan consisting of dietary and lifestyle changes were easy to follow. Ragini always recommended dietary substitutes and alternatives, making sure the plan did not become too restrictive. One of the most important parts of this journey has been paying attention to my diet - keeping a food diary helped me eliminate foods that caused a pattern of symptoms. 

It is a testament to Ragini’s support and her treatment plan that I graduated at the top of my class with a high distinction, something I could not have imagined at the start of the year given the poor state of my health. She was attentive, responsive, and considered all the small details of my health issues. Ragini did not take a transactional approach; she is involved and genuinely wants the best for you. I had previously tried Ayurveda and experienced its positive effects, although Ragini’s holistic and personal approach stands apart, and has reinforced my belief in Ayurveda"

PG, Coventry

Health Concerns | Digestion, Psoriasis, Menstruation

"Ragini was a Godsend for me, and I would recommend her to anyone suffering chronic health conditions. I first contacted Ragini in September 2020 after developing diarrhea, hyperacidity, severe psoriasis, hives, blurred vision, hair loss, intense hot flashes as well as menstrual problems. I was constantly in pain and felt hopeless. But after 15 months on Ragini's recommended medicines and dietary changes, I'm astonished at how quickly my body has healed. I'd say 70% of my symptoms are better with a little way to go. My digestion has normalised, my skin has healed except for a few patches here and there, most of my hair has grown back, the hot flashes come and go but the intensity is much less, my vision is much better, and my periods are easier to manage. I can sleep peacefully at night and, most importantly, I can see a way out of the health problems I've had for nearly 25 years. Ragini has always been available to discuss any problem I might have and was also very helpful when I temporarily moved out of London and was worried how that might impact my condition"

Ms HM, London

Health Concern | Digestive GI issues

"I contacted Ragini about a year ago with chronic acid reflux / acidity problem. In addition to non-stop hiccups & severe GI issues. I could not eat or sleep. Having taken western medicine to pacify the symptoms, I reached out to Ragini to address the root cause through Ayurveda.

Ragini patiently listened to my problems & designed a comprehensive / holistic plan to address all my health concerns. The plan included dietary & lifestyle changes along with taking some Herbs, she gave me some invaluable advice on how to manage any work/life related stress better, as that seemed to worsen my GI issues.

There was improvement within a few weeks & after few months of treatment, my hiccups completely stopped, & I saw significant improvement in my general health/wellbeing (especially in my gut health/digestion).

Ragini’s approach is thorough & comprehensive considering overall physical & mental wellbeing. Her knowledge of Ayurveda principles has helped me make long term changes to my diet & lifestyle which are sustainable & is a huge bonus to the immediate cure! I am very grateful to Ragini for her help & wish her very well"

Anupam Tyagi, London

Health Concerns | Bloating and Painful Menstruation

"I came to Ragini to work on awful bloating and food allergies but also period pains. She not only stopped me having any pains with my period she dramatically reduced all bloating and the way I reacted to food"

Sophie Dearden, London

Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

"When I contacted Ragini for an Ayurvedic home cleanse, I brought to her a spaghetti bowl of symptoms that for the past 3 years several separate hospital departments have helped to treat with medications and all their side effects, and largely failed. She listened carefully and patiently to all my history. Having been in and out of hospitals for over ten years I felt Ragini understood the medical lingo and automatically translated it into Ayurveda meaning. She provided extremely clear and personalised guidelines and hand-held and was present throughout the entire process. In her gentle yet confident manner, her help and guidance have led me to a large reduction of symptoms, clarity as to what perhaps the main driving health issues stem from and more energy than I have had in a long time, without prescription medications. I'll most certainly be reaching out to her throughout the year and doing more cleanses."

Ms SM, London

Health Concern | Hashimoto's Thyroid, PCOS

"I have had a wonderful experience with Ragini. I approached her as I was diagnosed with PCOS and Hashimotos Thyroid. She took professional care of my body and took a more holistic view on the issues I was facing, taking into consideration my past experiences as well as current situation. She was very accommodative towards my lifestyle and limitations and in the end, after the treatment with the herbs prescribed by her, both the issues I had are resolved. My tests show normal thyroid and no cysts. She gave me a lot of encouragement and support on the way; she not only gave me the herbs but also her kindness and care for both physical and emotional spheres which definitely contributed to the final success. I am very grateful and highly recommend her."

Ms AL, London, UK

Ayurvedic Home Cleanse | Insomnia, Aches and Pains

“I can't recommend Ragini highly enough. I did a panchakarma home cleanse and her depth of knowledge, guidance and cleanse plan was really excellent. I felt so supported all the way through and I enjoyed the whole experience. The cleanse has also been effective. I feel really well, my aches and pains have gone and my whole body and nervous system have deeply relaxed. I normally experience insomnia, which has completely disappeared. I work as a full time herbalist myself and I have tried many cleanses, this one has by far been my favourite. If you are considering an Ayurvedic home cleanse, I found this one much deeper and more traditional than other Ayurvedic cleanses I have tried. The Triveda herbs are of a very high quality and I liked them so much that I have started getting them to give to my own clients. Thank you Ragini!

Suzanna Thelwall, Whitby North Yorkshire

Health Concerns | Severe Allergies, Hayfever, Eczema

My Triveda journey has been amazing! What led me to look and find Ayurveda was an unexpected severe allergy to change in season from winter to spring, I think it’s from this year’s unbelievable amount of pollen which flared up my allergies (including different pollens and trees). This led to the worst eczema flare up I have ever experienced. Nothing would work to help calm it down it was all over, no creams or antihistamines/allergy tablets made any difference. I found Triveda through looking for Ayurveda through the internet and have had amazing results. Within 6-8weeks Ragini had made an incredible difference to my eczema, my skin was no longer red, weeping, or skin peeling off and immensely reduced that itchy feeling. I’m still on my journey with Triveda but it has helped my skin tremendously so far.

TS, London

Health Concern | Hormonal Imbalance, Exhaustion, Low Moods

"I am so grateful to have met such an experienced and authentic ayurvedic practitioner. I came for my first consultation about 3 months ago, I was totally exhausted, burnt out, my moods were low my menstrual cycle was out of balance and I felt very bloated. In such a short space of time my whole energy level feels totally different, I feel so much more balanced, grounded and content in my body. Even my menstrual cycle has come into balance. The herbs Ragini recommended have been so supportive and actually life changing as I come back into balance. I would highly recommend Triveda to anyone looking for genuine Ayurveda!"

Roxana, London

Health Concern | Severe Eczema

“The course of my treatment with Ragini has been remarkable. In 6 months she has completely transformed my severe eczema, which affected 70% of my body with unbearably itchy, weepy, bleeding lesions, to reveal beautifully clear skin. There are only few slightly dry patches and some sensitivity but I’m able to wear short sleeves and skirts, something I didn’t think would be possible. Dermatologists told me the eczema was incurable, but I continued to try many holistic treatments, and Ayurveda is the only thing that has worked. The diet and herbs have also helped me feel so well and balanced, and it shows, as many family and friends have commented on my new ‘healthy glow’. I hope to continue with Ragini on my path to complete recovery and I’m eternally grateful for her persistence, guidance, and support so far. The science of Ayurveda is incredible – it really, really does work”.

Sarah Summers, London

Health Concern | Uric Acid and Kidney Stones

“Ragini helped me in my journey after recovering from high uric acid and kidney stones. I had high blood uric acid when I saw Ragini and three months down the line working with her my blood result came all very good. I quit smoking very easily after been a smoker for 10 years.
She gave me a great, detailed lifestyle plan, herbs tailored specifically towards my needs and lifestyle. She has been extremely supportive throughout the time between consultations.
I would like to recommend more people to invest in their health and wellbeing and do Ayurveda consultation with Ragini. She is really treating you individually and understanding your needs/ what you would like to achieve and give you the right tools to do it, but not for a month or two rather to sustain it and as a lifestyle and get to know your own body better and be healthy for lifetime.
This will be best money you spent on your health. I highly recommend Ayurveda and Ragini is a real expert in this area”.

Angelina, London, UK

Health Concern | Weight Gain and IBS

“I struggled for over 10 years to lose weight since the birth of my daughter, and seemed to be suffering increasingly with exhaustion, bloating, IBS and a general feeling of un-wellness. Despite regular visits to the homeopath and acupuncturist and self-treating with herbs from the local natural health shop, nothing seemed to be really getting to the root cause. When I approached Ragini with the problem she seemed to understand straight away what the issue was and gave me some specially prepared herbs to take. The shift has been life changing: by stabilising my blood sugar I was able to make changes to my diet-I found that a gluten free diet really helped my symptoms and I felt well and much more energised. I am now in the next stage of treatment with Ragini to deal with some remaining IBS symptoms so that I can get my digestion back to normal. I can confidently say that there is no substitute for receiving expert advice combined with good quality, specially targeted herbs which suit my constitution. I just wish I had gone to Ragini for help years’ ago!”

Lisa P, Petersfield, UK

Health Concern | Menopause, Low Moods

“The menopause brought me to Ayurveda. My symptoms were quite severe, insomnia, restless nights, waking up in a sweat, getting up exhausted. During the day the symptoms were no better, I was having hot flushes so severe that sweat was pouring down my face. I was unable to think or concentrate at work, most days I felt irritable and angry for no reason, my emotions were all over with anger, irritability, and feeling depressed and wanting to cry most days. My GP rated my symptoms on a scale from 1 to 10 as being a 9. As my approach to life has been holistic and having studied Ayurveda previously, I contacted Ragini, who recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and prescribed me some Ayurvedic herbs. Within 1 week, I started sleeping better and the sweats had reduced considerably, in 1 month all of my symptoms had reduced by 80%. Three months on, I have also lost weight, feel emotionally happy, and still get a few hot flushes but no longer sweat profusely. Previously I loved chocolate and coffee, now I am satisfied with just 1 piece. I used to have a lot of phlegm and stiffness in my joints which have reduced by 90%. My immune system is a lot better and although at work there have been 2 rounds of flus and colds, I haven’t caught any. From a scale of 9, I am now down to a 2! I am very happy to recommend Ragini and I will continue to see her as and when I need. She is genuinely caring and knowledgeable. The aftercare she offers is second to none”.

MC, Chesham, Bucks

Health Concerns | Gout and Joint Pain

“I had some health issues and did not want to take medication so I consulted with Ragini about a year ago. To begin with, I had stiff joints and when I had my bloods done; it showed that I had high levels of uric acid in my blood, which would probably have led to gout. I had symptoms of burning feet, joint pain, poor sleep (getting up to visit the lavatory several times a night), some menopausal symptoms and anxiety levels. Ragini prescribed herbal preparations which have brought relief to most of my symptoms. She advised me on my diet and lifestyle after consultation and what foods I should eat/not eat to alleviate the uric acid. One year on, a lot of my symptoms have been alleviated, my bloods tests are normal and I feel better within myself. Ragini has been very supportive throughout and I feel I can call upon her anytime”.

Sandhya Patel, London

Health Concern | Eczema, Sinusitis

“I went to see Ragini for an appointment due to my eczema and sinusitis, which had persisted for about 2 years and one year respectively. My GP had not been able to find a reason for the eczema and had only prescribed cortisone cream, which did alleviate it for a time but did not make it disappear as it would always return again. Similarly with the sinusitis, the usual western medicines from the GP had been ineffective and I did not want to continue taking antibiotics.
Ragini's consultations are held in a relaxed atmosphere and I particularly liked the way she paid attention to the fact that I did not want to take herbal medicines for a long time and gave me dietary guidelines that I could follow in different seasons to keep the ailments at bay. She was very good at explaining the reasoning behind the different guidelines and herbal medicines.
I am very pleased with the results. The eczema disappeared and has only returned for a spell once since I started the treatment. Even through the winter cold season, I have not had sinusitis since starting the treatment. However, the most important thing that I have gained form Ragini's consultations is a better understanding of how my body works and the things that I can do to prevent reoccurrence of the symptoms I first contacted her about”.

Kristina Maki, London

Health Concern | Skin Condition

"Ragini helped me relieving a very annoying skin condition that had been bothering me for a couple of years. Ragini prescribed various natural cleanse treatments and advised me on how to change my diet in order to feel better. My outbreak frequency has decreased dramatically, I feel energised and for the first time in a long time, in a state of general good health".

Mr AL, London

Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

"Before being introduced to Ayurvedic Medicine and especially Ragini, I never knew what wonders it could bring! I opted to really cleanse and detox and on Ragini’s recommendation, I went for a personalised 7day Ayurvedic detox and purge. And WOW, the feeling after was amazing, not only did I feel more energetic, but the difference to my skin and hair are really noticeable. The clarity it brings for mind, body and soul is unbelievable.... I couldn’t be happier, especially as it helped me kicked my weight loss journey. The whole process wouldn’t have been the same without Ragini’s support and expertise. Thank you so much for introducing me to Ayurveda and the real long term health and wellbeing benefits that can be achieved from within."

Kavita Gundecha, London

Health Concern | Lupus and Coeliac 

"I was diagnosed with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) and coeliac disease 22 years ago. Before I started Ragini's treatment 8 months ago, my muscles were very weak; I was suffering from chronic fatigue and anxiety. As well as having her treatment she advised me to do some yoga every morning and take some Ayurvedic medicines. Now my muscles are much stronger, I am getting my stamina back and as a result my anxiety has completely gone. I have tried many complementary therapies over the years but Ragini's treatment is by far the best. Her treatment is not only effective but she is very knowledgeable and helpful."

Chetna Chahwala, London

Health Concern | Sinusitis, Hay Fever

"I struggled with chronic sinusitis almost all my life. My nose was continuously blocked. This situation was aggravated by annual bouts of hay fever, both at the start of spring and again to a lesser extent at the start of autumn. I started treatment with Ragini, and within a couple of weeks my nose was less and less blocked. Most surprisingly, I could smell again -definitely a very, very rare occurrence for me! I am also finding myself breathing more frequently through my nose after being a 'mouth breather' for most of my life. My hay fever symptoms were also much reduced - I rarely had to take any medication. This involved about 3 - 4 months of treatment. It has been a vast improvement for me."

Mr BT, London

Health Concern | High Blood Pressure, Eczema

"I had high blood pressure on and off for a few years. The GP didn’t have any other explanation except that I was stressed and slightly overweight. He was considering putting me on medication, but I didn’t want to go down that path at only 30 years old. So I went to see Ragini. She took a thorough history of my condition along with a detailed look at my lifestyle as a whole. This included diet, exercise, work and sleep patterns. Also through taking my pulse and reading my tongue, Ragini was able to tell me what kind of constitution I was by nature, and also how it had come out of balance. She also questioned other parts of my health and we discussed my eczema which seemed to be not only stress but also seasonally related.
As my blood pressure was particularly high she recommended the immediate treatment of Shiro-Dhara (pouring of oil on the forehead), and put me onto some herbal medication to reduce the blood pressure fairly quickly over a few weeks. At the same time we looked into dietary changes. It wasn’t so much about what I was eating, but more of my issues were to do with my eating patterns, skipping meals etc.
Within a month or so my blood pressure became more normal and stable, and after 3 months my eczema was also hardly noticeable. I do get flare-ups of both these things from time to time. I either examine the lifestyle issues that are out of balance myself, or pay a visit to see Ragini, and she’s usually spot on about the imbalance and how to get my balance back again. The best thing about seeing Ragini is that now I feel like I’m more in touch with my own health and know that I can make small changes to a healthier future."

Mr BM, London

Health Concern | Eczema, Digestive Issues

“I found Triveda online after having 1.5 years of unsuccessful treatment for my eczema and skin problem being treated by a private dermatologist. I had learnt about Ayurveda on a recent holiday in Sri Lanka and wanted to give it a go. Ragini helped me look at my diet and although I was eating healthily, the foods I were eating clearly were unbeknown to me aggravating my skin. Within 6 weeks of seeing Ragini I had huge improvement and my skin had gone back to normal. We also adjusted my diet to help bloating and digestive problems I occasionally experience which have also deteriorated in such a short space of time. Ragini has been great and most importantly, realistic in achieving my goals around my busy and varying work life. I would highly recommend seeing her”

Rebecca, London UK

Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

“Ragini has guided me through my Panchakarma cleansing. From the beginning to the end, Ragini was very supportive and I really felt looked after. Before the cleansing we met at Ragini’s clinic in Harrow to talk about my condition. It was when I realised I am in a very knowledgeable and professional hands. Ragini was really trying to understand the reason of my condition before preparing my individual cleansing plan and prescribing any herbals. I would definitely recommend her to everyone who is looking for the professional help and advice doing Panchakarma at home”.

Indre K, London UK

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