Monisha Behal, London

"My 6 year old daughter Mrinali has suffered from Eczema since she was a baby. Before we started the treatment with Ragini she had severe eczema which covered her back, face, arms and legs. All her joints were also affected. She would itch all over and could not stop itching till she would bleed. I tried steroid treatment with my GP but that did not help for long. I got in touch with Ragini at Triveda and through her we started Mrinali on Ayurvedic treatment. Ragini prescribed her some Ayurvedic medicines consisting of herbal tonics to drink and specially mixed powders, as well as dietary advice on foods to avoid. She also prescribed an Ayurvedic oil to apply on her body. Within a few months her eczema had improved dramatically. She even had eczema on her scalp and under Ragini's guidance it has now cleared. After a year my daughter has some flare ups which are under control, she has gone from itching all day and a weepy skin to rarely itching and a clear skin. Mrinali now sleeps through the night, has a good appetite, and feels confident of herself as she no longer has any itching or skin scars."

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