Kristina Maki, London

Health Concern | Eczema, Sinusitis

“I went to see Ragini for an appointment due to my eczema and sinusitis, which had persisted for about 2 years and one year respectively. My GP had not been able to find a reason for the eczema and had only prescribed cortisone cream, which did alleviate it for a time but did not make it disappear as it would always return again. Similarly with the sinusitis, the usual western medicines from the GP had been ineffective and I did not want to continue taking antibiotics.
Ragini's consultations are held in a relaxed atmosphere and I particularly liked the way she paid attention to the fact that I did not want to take herbal medicines for a long time and gave me dietary guidelines that I could follow in different seasons to keep the ailments at bay. She was very good at explaining the reasoning behind the different guidelines and herbal medicines.
I am very pleased with the results. The eczema disappeared and has only returned for a spell once since I started the treatment. Even through the winter cold season, I have not had sinusitis since starting the treatment. However, the most important thing that I have gained form Ragini's consultations is a better understanding of how my body works and the things that I can do to prevent reoccurrence of the symptoms I first contacted her about”.

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