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Below are some frequently asked questions regarding our formulations, suppliers, packaging and quality practices. If you have a burning question for us then do send this through our contact form and we will get back to you.

Are your supplements organic?

Most of our Classical and Single Range is certified organic by LACON (GmBh) in Germany and India. Our long term goal is to be certified organic by the Soil Association, UK. We will then be able to market and sell all our products as organic. Watch this space!

Are Triveda formulations gluten free?

To the best of our knowledge all our formulations are Gluten Free.

Are Triveda capsules suitable for vegetarians?

All our capsules are suitable for Vegetarians. They are manufactured by Capsugel, and are produced using raw material, hypromellose. Hypromellose is a cellulose material derived from softwood trees, mainly pine and spruce trees, which are grown and harvested from plantations in Western Europe and North America. No ingredients are derived from animal origin.

Are your products tested on animals?

Triveda is committed to the humane treatment of animals and none of our products are tested on animals.

Does your Classical Range of herbs follow the classical preparation during manufacturing?

We have picked our suppliers of all our ranges based on their strength and manufacturing processes. Our classical range of herbal formulations are made following their rigorous preparation as outlined in the Classical text books, as this makes their efficacy and potency stronger.

How has your Botanics Range been created?

We have commissioned our Botanics Range to be formulated and created by Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Consultants) specialised in particular areas of expertise to formulate and combine herbs for specific conditions. These formulations have then been curated in our manufacturers laboratory and tested before bringing them to our customers in the UK

Who supplies your Self-Care Rituals range?

Our self-care rituals range is manufactured by a small manufacturing company Arogyodayam in Palakkad, Kerala, which follow the classical preparation for making oils. All the oils are handmade and churned, taking care to process them over days to maximise potency. Our self-care range is authentic Ayurveda, we add no perfumes or alter the smell or feel of the oils. Just pure authentic Ayurveda!

Where are your herbs grown and manufactured?

All of our herbs are grown and manufactured in India, most in organic farms using sustainability and natural processes without additives or preservatives. As Ayurvedic herbs are best known and grown in India, our current suppliers remain within India.

Are Triveda supplements safe to take alongside pharmaceutical medication?

Our advice for all our customers is to consult an Ayurvedic Health Practitioner or your current Health Practitioner before combining any of our supplements with your current medication. As herbs are treating the underlying cause as well as symptoms of the condition, the relevant dose should therefore be prescribed by a health practitioner who understands your current medication and herbs. You should only reduce your medication in consultation with your Doctor.

How long does it take for herbal supplements to have an effect?

This is based on different factors such as chronicity of your condition, how long and how severe the symptoms are, your diet and lifestyle as well as compliancy of any other recommendations made by your health practitioner. In general we would give 2- 4 weeks before you notice some change to your symptoms

I have problems swallowing capsules, how else can I take the supplements?

The herbs within the capsule can be emptied into some water, juice or milk and taken as pure herbal powder if you find them hard to swallow.

Why does Triveda use plastic bottles for its products?

We take multiple factors into account when deciding on our packaging; quality, customer services, finances and environmental impact. All our products are packed in PET (Grade A) plastic which is 100% recycled. According to our research, fewer resources (water, electricity, mining equipment, etc.) are used in the production of the plastic bottles versus glass; and given the lighter weight and durability of these plastics compared to glass, there is a smaller carbon footprint created by the shipping of these materials. PET is BPA-free and considered safe as pharmaceutical containers.

All our labels are water soluble and therefore any recycling centre will take your empty Triveda formulations bottles.

What is the best way to store herbs and how long do they last?

We recommend your store your herbs in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Expiry dates are on all our products which is the time span where they are most potent, after this herbs tend to lose their efficacy and potency.

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