Ayurvedic Home Cleanse

Cleansing, particularly during seasonal change is an essential part of Ayurvedic healing. The aim is to cleanse the body of excessive toxins (Ama), to restore the body’s digestive power “Agni”, improve Gut health and remove and balance the excess Doshas.
Whether it is seasonal or a general cleanse, this is recommended for those wanting to alleviate chronic conditions by treating the root cause and regain balance, energy and vitality. Each cleanse follows a specific diet, taking Ayurvedic herbs and involves purgation, nasal administration or herbal enemas.

Detox Consultation

Duration: 60 mins
Follow Up: 45 mins

The method of cleanse is determined based on an initial consultation, where your current symptoms are observed, pulse is taken and the presence of Ama (toxins) is measured. The detoxification is then tailored to remove toxins, improve digestion and help alleviate chronic conditions. The programme usually lasts between 14 - 21 days depending on your current health.

On completion of your Cleanse, a follow up is recommended to rejuvenate the body and tissues through lifestyle rituals; nourishing diet and personalised herbs to maintain and support the balanced you.

A tailored programme includes:

  • Initial Consultation to look at current imbalance, tongue and pulse diagnosis
  • Prescription and sourcing of herbs to take during and after the cleanse (excl. cost of herbs + P&P)
  • Day to day guide on how to prepare the body for detoxification, with diet, lifestyle and daily rituals
  • Specific method on how to cleanse whether through purgation, nasal administration or herbal enema, based on Doshic imbalance
  • Day of the cleanse – written directions on how to best perform an effective purification process
  • Dietary plan before, during and after the cleanse, outlining foods to eat and avoid
  • Nutritive dense recipes to best support the cleanse
  • Online/telephone support during the cleanse
  • How to rejuvenate the body, increase energy and vitality after the cleanse

Benefits of Cleansing

  • Reset and improved digestion and Gut health
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Calmness and Clarity of mind
  • Radiant skin and improved complexion
  • Increased immunity and resilience to stress
  • Improved quality of sleep

When to Cleanse:

  • Transitions of seasons to remove accumulated Doshas and Toxins
  • Treat the root cause of conditions
  • Eczema: Heal and nourish dry itchy skin
  • Arthritis: Reduce inflammation and improve flexibility
  • Women’s Health issues: Balance hormones and regain vitality
  • Weight Loss: Improve metabolism and digestion
  • Digestive Issues: Improve digestion, reduce bloating, and rebalance Gut health
  • Hay fever and seasonal allergies: Improve digestion, remove toxins and reduce symptoms

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