Designed for different health goals, our in-depth consultations provide you with a comprehensive health assessment and personalised health plan aimed to treat the root cause of your health concerns and seamlessly integrate into your daily routine.

If you are unable to travel to our clinic locations we also offer online video consultations

Restoring Balance

Ayurvedic Medical Consultation
Duration 60 mins

Follow Ups: 45 mins

The initial consultation is an in depth assessment of your current health, diet, lifestyle and past medical history with a medical analysis of your imbalance using Ayurvedic tongue and pulse diagnostic methods.

A personalised treatment plan is devised which includes diet, lifestyle recommendations with herbal supplements to treat the root cause of your health concern.

The focus is to help you understand the impact of diet and lifestyle on your current health, show you practical ways to change these with a plan designed to fit in with your lifestyle.

Follow up consultations are to monitor your progress, make changes to your health plan if necessary and support you in areas that you are struggling with

Nutritional Consultation 

Ayurvedic Nutrition
Duration: 60 mins
Follow ups: 45 mins

Each of us is unique, nutrition and diet is not a matter of one –size fits all. Good Nutrition is essential for our wellbeing and optimal health cannot be achieved without changing our eating habits.

This consultation is aimed at those wanting to improve their diet and eating habits for general health or for a specific health objective such as such as Weight loss, inflammatory digestive issues or eat accordingly to their Ayurvedic Constitution. 

It includes a written tailored diet to meet your objectives with ongoing coaching to help you maintain it. Herbal supplements may be recommended to improve digestion, metabolism and Gut health

A record of 1 weeks’ food diary is required

Body Constitution

Prakruti Analysis
Duration: 60 mins

Prakruti in Ayurveda is natural body constitution, your psychobiological temperament which does not change. By understanding your constitution, you can better understand your psychological and physiological strengths and weaknesses and how your habits and lifestyle impact your balance.

This consultation is to analyse your natural body constitution (Prakruti) and discover what diet, lifestyle is best suited for you to maintain health and well-being. A detailed report is provided with your Prakruti, your physical, mental and emotional characteristics, weakness & strengths and possible long term health issues to prevent.

Prakruti analysis is recommended for those wishing to understand themselves to make better lifestyle choices to maintain balance and prevent illnesses.

Ayurvedic Cleansing

Ayurvedic Cleanse Consultation
Duration 60 mins

Follow Ups: 45 mins

Cleansing is an essential part of maintaining and restoring health. Ayurvedic Cleansing is more than just fasting or having an enema. It’s determining the strength of digestion, the aggravation of Doshas and their effect on the tissues and organs before administering one of the 5 actions for cleansing. Triveda recommends Seasonal cleansing for maintaining good health and for treating the root cause of conditions.

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