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Health Concern | High Blood Pressure, Eczema

"I had high blood pressure on and off for a few years. The GP didn’t have any other explanation except that I was stressed and slightly overweight. He was considering putting me on medication, but I didn’t want to go down that path at only 30 years old. So I went to see Ragini. She took a thorough history of my condition along with a detailed look at my lifestyle as a whole. This included diet, exercise, work and sleep patterns. Also through taking my pulse and reading my tongue, Ragini was able to tell me what kind of constitution I was by nature, and also how it had come out of balance. She also questioned other parts of my health and we discussed my eczema which seemed to be not only stress but also seasonally related.
As my blood pressure was particularly high she recommended the immediate treatment of Shiro-Dhara (pouring of oil on the forehead), and put me onto some herbal medication to reduce the blood pressure fairly quickly over a few weeks. At the same time we looked into dietary changes. It wasn’t so much about what I was eating, but more of my issues were to do with my eating patterns, skipping meals etc.
Within a month or so my blood pressure became more normal and stable, and after 3 months my eczema was also hardly noticeable. I do get flare-ups of both these things from time to time. I either examine the lifestyle issues that are out of balance myself, or pay a visit to see Ragini, and she’s usually spot on about the imbalance and how to get my balance back again. The best thing about seeing Ragini is that now I feel like I’m more in touch with my own health and know that I can make small changes to a healthier future."

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