Ms HM, London

Health Concerns | Digestion, Psoriasis, Menstruation

"Ragini was a Godsend for me, and I would recommend her to anyone suffering chronic health conditions. I first contacted Ragini in September 2020 after developing diarrhea, hyperacidity, severe psoriasis, hives, blurred vision, hair loss, intense hot flashes as well as menstrual problems. I was constantly in pain and felt hopeless. But after 15 months on Ragini's recommended medicines and dietary changes, I'm astonished at how quickly my body has healed. I'd say 70% of my symptoms are better with a little way to go. My digestion has normalised, my skin has healed except for a few patches here and there, most of my hair has grown back, the hot flashes come and go but the intensity is much less, my vision is much better, and my periods are easier to manage. I can sleep peacefully at night and, most importantly, I can see a way out of the health problems I've had for nearly 25 years. Ragini has always been available to discuss any problem I might have and was also very helpful when I temporarily moved out of London and was worried how that might impact my condition"

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