Angelina, London, UK

“Ragini helped me in my journey after recovering from high uric acid and kidney stones. I had high blood uric acid when I saw Ragini and three months down the line working with her my blood result came all very good. I quit smoking very easily after been a smoker for 10 years.
She gave me a great, detailed lifestyle plan, herbs tailored specifically towards my needs and lifestyle. She has been extremely supportive throughout the time between consultations.
I would like to recommend more people to invest in their health and wellbeing and do Ayurveda consultation with Ragini. She is really treating you individually and understanding your needs/ what you would like to achieve and give you the right tools to do it, but not for a month or two rather to sustain it and as a lifestyle and get to know your own body better and be healthy for lifetime.
This will be best money you spent on your health. I highly recommend Ayurveda and Ragini is a real expert in this area”.

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