Sarah Summers, London

“The course of my treatment with Ragini has been remarkable. In 6 months she has completely transformed my severe eczema, which affected 70% of my body with unbearably itchy, weepy, bleeding lesions, to reveal beautifully clear skin. There are only few slightly dry patches and some sensitivity but I’m able to wear short sleeves and skirts, something I didn’t think would be possible. Dermatologists told me the eczema was incurable, but I continued to try many holistic treatments, and Ayurveda is the only thing that has worked. The diet and herbs have also helped me feel so well and balanced, and it shows, as many family and friends have commented on my new ‘healthy glow’. I hope to continue with Ragini on my path to complete recovery and I’m eternally grateful for her persistence, guidance, and support so far. The science of Ayurveda is incredible – it really, really does work”.

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