Anupam Tyagi, London

"I contacted Ragini about a year ago with chronic acid reflux / acidity problem. In addition to non-stop hiccups & severe GI issues. I could not eat or sleep. Having taken western medicine to pacify the symptoms, I reached out to Ragini to address the root cause through Ayurveda.

Ragini patiently listened to my problems & designed a comprehensive / holistic plan to address all my health concerns. The plan included dietary & lifestyle changes along with taking some Herbs, she gave me some invaluable advice on how to manage any work/life related stress better, as that seemed to worsen my GI issues.

There was improvement within a few weeks & after few months of treatment, my hiccups completely stopped, & I saw significant improvement in my general health/wellbeing (especially in my gut health/digestion).

Ragini’s approach is thorough & comprehensive considering overall physical & mental wellbeing. Her knowledge of Ayurveda principles has helped me make long term changes to my diet & lifestyle which are sustainable & is a huge bonus to the immediate cure! I am very grateful to Ragini for her help & wish her very well"

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