Lisa P, Petersfield, UK

“I struggled for over 10 years to lose weight since the birth of my daughter, and seemed to be suffering increasingly with exhaustion, bloating, IBS and a general feeling of un-wellness. Despite regular visits to the homeopath and acupuncturist and self-treating with herbs from the local natural health shop, nothing seemed to be really getting to the root cause. When I approached Ragini with the problem she seemed to understand straight away what the issue was and gave me some specially prepared herbs to take. The shift has been life changing: by stabilising my blood sugar I was able to make changes to my diet-I found that a gluten free diet really helped my symptoms and I felt well and much more energised. I am now in the next stage of treatment with Ragini to deal with some remaining IBS symptoms so that I can get my digestion back to normal. I can confidently say that there is no substitute for receiving expert advice combined with good quality, specially targeted herbs which suit my constitution. I just wish I had gone to Ragini for help years’ ago!”

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