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“The menopause brought me to Ayurveda. My symptoms were quite severe, insomnia, restless nights, waking up in a sweat, getting up exhausted. During the day the symptoms were no better, I was having hot flushes so severe that sweat was pouring down my face. I was unable to think or concentrate at work, most days I felt irritable and angry for no reason, my emotions were all over with anger, irritability, and feeling depressed and wanting to cry most days. My GP rated my symptoms on a scale from 1 to 10 as being a 9. As my approach to life has been holistic and having studied Ayurveda previously, I contacted Ragini, who recommended dietary and lifestyle changes and prescribed me some Ayurvedic herbs. Within 1 week, I started sleeping better and the sweats had reduced considerably, in 1 month all of my symptoms had reduced by 80%. Three months on, I have also lost weight, feel emotionally happy, and still get a few hot flushes but no longer sweat profusely. Previously I loved chocolate and coffee, now I am satisfied with just 1 piece. I used to have a lot of phlegm and stiffness in my joints which have reduced by 90%. My immune system is a lot better and although at work there have been 2 rounds of flus and colds, I haven’t caught any. From a scale of 9, I am now down to a 2! I am very happy to recommend Ragini and I will continue to see her as and when I need. She is genuinely caring and knowledgeable. The aftercare she offers is second to none”.

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