Sandhya Patel, London

Health Concerns | Gout and Joint Pain

“I had some health issues and did not want to take medication so I consulted with Ragini about a year ago. To begin with, I had stiff joints and when I had my bloods done; it showed that I had high levels of uric acid in my blood, which would probably have led to gout. I had symptoms of burning feet, joint pain, poor sleep (getting up to visit the lavatory several times a night), some menopausal symptoms and anxiety levels. Ragini prescribed herbal preparations which have brought relief to most of my symptoms. She advised me on my diet and lifestyle after consultation and what foods I should eat/not eat to alleviate the uric acid. One year on, a lot of my symptoms have been alleviated, my bloods tests are normal and I feel better within myself. Ragini has been very supportive throughout and I feel I can call upon her anytime”.

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