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Panchakarma is a deep cleansing process aimed to purify the body of accumulated Doshas and excessive toxins through one or more of the 5 cleansing processes; Enemis (Vamana), Purgation (Virechana), Medicated Enemas (Basti) and Nasal douching (Nasya). The aim is to alleviate chronic conditions by treating its root cause; restoring the body’s healing capacity; bring balance to the mind and emotions and to rejuvenate the bodies’ resilience and immunity

Our India Retreat

For our clients to experience an authentic and traditional Panchakarma, we have partnered with Vaidyagrama, an eco-friendly Ayurvedic healing village nestled within lush vegetation on the border of Tami Nadu and Kerala in South India.

Panchakarma Consultation

Duration: 60 mins
Follow Ups on return: 45 mins

Your initial Panchakarma consultation is designed to discuss your health goals, diagnose your current imbalance, the strength of your digestion; level of toxicity and capacity to undergo cleansing. We will also discuss your suitability for Panchakarma and practical time to travel to India.

We will liaise and co-ordinate your Panchakarma and your stay directly with Vaidyagrama. Once at Vaidyagrama your personal Ayurvedic physician will consult you and design a healing program to suit your constitution and your current health concerns. Together with your physician at Vaidyagrama we monitor and discuss your progress during your stay and continue to monitor and support you on your return to the UK.


Your stay will be in an en-suite apartment surrounded by nature, each with a foyer, twin bedroom, dining area and outside balcony.

Apartments can be shared if you are travelling with a partner/friend or sole occupation (single supplement costs apply).

Duration: To benefit fully, we recommend a 21 – 28 day retreat, where this is not possible the minimum stay is 14 days.

Your Panchakarma stay includes:

  • Full consultation with your personal physician on arrival with personalised Panchakarma programme
  • Daily individualised Ayurveda treatments for the duration of your stay
  • All Ayurveda Medicines (herbal liquids and powders) while in treatment
  • Daily consultations with Vaidyagrama Physicians- your personal doctor
  • Full discharge consultation with recommendations at end of your treatment
  • Accommodation either shared or single supplement
  • An Ayurvedic vegetarian diet; all fresh cooked, wholesome meals, snacks, and herbal teas
  • Daily talks, cooking classes and herbal walks on Ayurveda
  • Daily prayers and rituals lead by Ayurvedic Physicians
  • Transportation to and from Coimbatore Airport (CJB) only.

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